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We are proud to be a sponsors for the
following events and non-profit organisations:


Project Kiwi

Project Kiwi

“Salt Restaurant and Bar is proud to support an amazing cause that helps maintain and preserve our nation’s icon. It is a privilege to be involved in this locally managed project and see the passion and hard work coming to tangible fruition for the benefit of the region and NZ”.


Mercury Bay Rugby Club

Principle sponsors of the Mercury Bay Rugby Club, helping teams from Juniors through Seniors with funding that enables them to participate throughout each season from the past 5 years.


Scallop Festival Whitianga

Scallop Festival

Principle sponsor of the great annual event help in August or September every year.



Project Kiwi

Volunteer Fire Brigade

Providing them with necessary funding to help them continue their outstanding work in a community who relies on them to such an extent.


Cash for Christchurch 

Organiser of the Whitianga fundraiser for the victims of the Christchurch earthquake, proudly raising $11,725 donated to the volunteer firefighters of Sumner and Littleton.



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